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About this charity

Plan works at the grassroots level in the developing world, to empower communities to overcome poverty, so that children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  We encourage children to express their views and be actively involved in improving their communities. Together with our supporters, Plan is a catalyst for change, free from political and religious agendas, existing only for the sake of children.
Plan works in over 49 developing countries. We unite, empower and inspire people around the world to champion every child’s right to grow up healthy, safe and educated. 

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Improve Health and Nutrition in Laos Lao PDR

Lao PDR This project will address the negative long-term development implications of under-nutrition for individuals, households and communities in rural Laos. Plan Australia will educate the community on health and nutrition, training health centre staff and implementing monitoring tools.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 25,003

Raised from 7,566 people

Provide Skills Training for Young Women in Myanmar Myanmar

Myanmar This project will enable young women to contribute to the socio-economic development of their communities by giving them the skills and experience required to secure decent work close to home.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,005

Raised from 6,242 people

Create Safer Cities for Girls, Hanoi Viet Nam

Viet Nam This project will build safe, accountable and inclusive cities with and for adolescent girls, through increasing their safety and access to public spaces, their autonomy and safe mobility in Hanoi and their active and meaningful participation in urban development.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 25,001

Raised from 8,160 people

Provide Mobile Libraries for Children in Ethiopia Ethiopia

Ethiopia This project will help improve the wellbeing and learning opportunities for marginalised children in the highlands of Ethiopia. The project focuses on child play and literacy as keys to development.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,001

Raised from 6,544 people

Women's Economic Empowerment, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka This project provides skills training and employment opportunities for girls and young women who have been vulnerable to exploitation and forced by economic necessity into early marriage.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 33,028

Raised from 10,251 people

Pre-schools for children in Vietnam Viet Nam

Viet Nam The project will promote education for children aged 0-8 in ethnic minority communities by focusing on their early childhood care and development with community-based care, early stimulation and preparation for primary school.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 30,001

Raised from 8,716 people

Giving children a better start to life in Myanmar Myanmar

Myanmar Children in remote rural areas of Myanmar face high levels of malnutrition and limited access to health and education services. Plan is working with communities to ensure poor and disadvantaged children are able to grow up healthy and access quality education services, giving them a better start to life.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 25,002

Raised from 8,692 people

School vegetable gardens in Siem Reap, Cambodia Cambodia

Cambodia This project aims to reduce childhood hunger and malnutrition in rural Cambodia through school vegetable gardens and daily meals for students.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,002

Raised from 7,481 people

Youth Vocational Training & Empowerment, Cambodia Cambodia

Cambodia This project provides vocational training and opportunities to disadvantaged youth in rural Cambodia.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 25,010

Raised from 10,310 people

Feeding Families in South Sudan South Sudan

South Sudan To provide the most vulnerable households and school children in South Sudan with food aid and support to sustain their livelihoods.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 30,001

Raised from 22,638 people

Keeping girls in school, Uganda Uganda

Uganda Supporting girls to attend school full time through effective and affordable menstrual hygiene management.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,002

Raised from 12,535 people

School feeding program, Siem Reap, Cambodia Cambodia

Cambodia Many children in Cambodia go to school hungry or do not go to school at all because they lack the energy on an empty stomach. This project aims to increase the number of children going to school and help them to concentrate in the classroom, by providing meals for the children and their families.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,005

Raised from 8,338 people

Food security for vulnerable families, Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe This project will procure foundation seed for the farmers, training the farmers and supporting poultry production and management in Chiredze, Chipinge & Mwenezi districts.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,000

Raised from 11,930 people

Pre-schools in rural communities, Ethiopia Ethiopia

Ethiopia Give pre-school children in rural Ethiopian communities the best possible start in life through holistic support for their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development through creation and support of Early Childhood Care & Development centres.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,001

Raised from 9,103 people

Ending early marriage, Indonesia Indonesia

Indonesia 1 in every 7 girls is married before the age of 15. This project aims to prevent child marriage in Indonesia which has a massive negative effect on a girl’s life.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 10,000

Raised from 4,272 people

Food security through organic farming Philippines

Philippines By converting to organic farming techniques, families are reducing expenses, increasing crop yields and income and starting to break the cycle of poverty. Includes training, the provision of farming equipment, seeds and small livestock.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,001

Raised from 8,746 people

Improving water access in Kilifi District schools, Kenya Kenya

Kenya This project will enhance the health and quality of life of 6,000 students in 16 underserved schools in Kilifi through improved access to safe and sustainably managed water supplies.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,001

Raised from 8,954 people

Timorese youth engagement & leadership program Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste Plan’s Youth Engagement project aims to enable youth in the Lautem and Aileu districts to realise their full potential through participatory activities which build life skills, leadership, capacity and knowledge.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 22,586

Raised from 9,499 people

Improve Food Security Among Poorest Families, Chadiza Zambia

Zambia To help 180 of the poorest families improve their livelihoods and get through the yearly ‘hungry season’ through training/mentoring in new farming methods, provision of seeds, livestock and equipment.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,001

Raised from 8,210 people

Pre-school teaching materials & equipment, Siem Reap Cambodia

Cambodia Help equip and furnish two community pre-schools schools, build play equipment and develop culturally relevant teaching materials to improve education and create opportunities to break the poverty cycle.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 18,120

Raised from 4,200 people

Distribute food to vulnerable families Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe This project aims to save lives through a feeding program for vulnerable people such as children who are at risk due to the severe lack of food in Zimbabwe

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 10,001

Raised from 3,998 people