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These projects will help change the lives of people living in extreme poverty across the globe. They are being funded through thousands thousands of microdonations from online business and their customers who believe that you're never too small to make a difference.

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Improve teacher training and education in Nepal Nepal, RUN BY: Australian Himalayan Foundation

Improve teacher training and education in Nepal in Nepal, Run by: Australian Himalayan Foundation This project will focus on training teachers in the remote Solukhumbu district of Nepal, with the goal of ensuring children have better opportunities in life through an inclusive, high quality education.

Project cost

0AUD 15,000


Raised from 1,359 people


9 minutes ago EUR 2.00, from a WORLD NOMADS EUROPE customer

Protect endangered pangolins in southern Africa South Africa, RUN BY: Wildlife Conservation Network

Protect endangered pangolins in southern Africa in South Africa, Run by: Wildlife Conservation Network This project will protect pangolins – the most trafficked animal on earth – from accidental electrocution by designing wildlife-friendly electric fences in southern Africa.

Project cost

0USD 10,000


Raised from 1,455 people


14 minutes ago AUD 2.00, from a WORLDNOMADS AUSTRALIA customer

Improve family nutrition in remote Indonesia Indonesia, RUN BY: SurfAid

Improve family nutrition in remote Indonesia in Indonesia, Run by: SurfAid This project will build food security and improve farming practices in 2 areas of East Indonesia, where stunting is extremely high, by setting up demonstration farms.

Project cost

0AUD 15,000


Raised from 4,097 people


4 minutes ago USD 3.00, from a WORLD NOMADS GLOBAL customer

Restore sight in Kenya Kenya, RUN BY: The Fred Hollows Foundation

Restore sight in Kenya in Kenya, Run by: The Fred Hollows Foundation This project will go towards helping the critical backlog of 100,000 people waiting for sight-restoring surgery in Kenya and remove barriers for the rural population to good eye health.

Project cost

0AUD 20,000


Raised from 6,048 people


1 minute ago AUD 2.00, from a TRAVEL INSURANCE DIRECT AU customer