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Project report

Youth Vocational Training & Empowerment, Cambodia Cambodia , RUN BY: Plan International Australia | STATUS: COMPLETED

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 25,010

Raised from 10,310 people

Project Outcomes

The project aims to target the most disadvantaged and marginalised young women and men in Cambodia, developing vocational training that is accessible, holistic and relevant to them.  It will create dignified work opportunities through both formal employment and micro-enterprise streams.

In the past year alone we have;

  • provided training to ensure young people are prepared for employment, including understanding their rights and responsibilities and those of their employers;
  • supported 252 disadvantaged young people (159 young women and 67 young men) to complete vocational skills training linked to employment and self-employment opportunities;
  • enabled 96 trainees, including 3 young people with disabilities, to secure internship placements;
  • provided start-up grants to 36 youth (24 young women and 12 young men) helping them to establish their own enterprises;
  • supported 20 young men and women, including 3 youth with disabilities, to establish their own businesses.

Funds raised through Footprints will contribute towards;

  • providing 6-month vocational training courses for 150 young people at the training centre in their local area, providing them with access to the necessary skills to gain employment opportunities;
  • Supporting 330 young people to complete enterprise-based training in a commercial trade; and 70 young people to complete community-based vocational skills training courses.

Local community engagement is critical to the success of this project and is very much an on-gong focus of its implementation.  Community members need to understand and appreciate the long-term benefits of the training, and why it is critical that the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community can access training and work opportunities.

The project seeks to provide equal opportunity for women and men and is inclusive of people with disabilities.  We are also working with ethnic minority groups to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate training and work opportunities. 

In terms of capacity building and collaboration the project is delivered in collaboration with the Ministry of labour and Vocational Training and in partnership with local NGO Krouser Yoeung.

Feedback from a program participant

Neouy is 21 years old, and lives with her parents and younger siblings in a rural village in Ratanak Kiri province, Cambodia. She has had difficulty moving since her left leg was damaged during an illness when she was 3 years old. Since completing training in make-up skills through Plan International and Krousar Yoeung’s project, Youth Vocational Training, Neouy says this is the happiest time in her life.

What's next? 

This project will continue until June 2017.

Can I visit this project? 

Yes, a visit to this project is possible.

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