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Projects in Lao PDR

Build bright futures for young people in Laos RUN BY: Friends International

Lao PDR This project will provide vocational training in hospitality to marginalized young people and link them with employment opportunities so that they can lift themselves out of poverty and build brighter futures.

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Create safer communities in Laos RUN BY: Save The Children Australia

Lao PDR The project aims to ensure that young adolescents, especially ethnic girls, build resilience and are better protected from harmful practices such as early marriage and early motherhood as they grow up in safer communities.

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AUD 20,011

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Improve Health and Nutrition in Laos RUN BY: Plan Australia

Lao PDR This project will address the negative long-term development implications of under-nutrition for individuals, households and communities in rural Laos. Plan Australia will educate the community on health and nutrition, training health centre staff and implementing monitoring tools.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 25,000

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Boost Sustainable Coffee Production in Laos RUN BY: CARE Australia

Lao PDR This coffee project will train poor farmers to increase their yields, produce higher quality coffee, and connect them with international markets, helping them lift their families out of poverty. By diversifying farming practices, families will also develop skills to plant and grow other crops and improve their overall nutrition.

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Empowering Mekong River Communities RUN BY: Oxfam Australia

Lao PDR This project aims to better protect ecosystems in the Mekong Region and empower local communities, allowing them to have a voice in its development - and reap the benefits of this natural resource.

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AUD 30,001

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Laos Comprehensive Eye Care Project RUN BY: The Fred Hollows Foundation

Lao PDR To expand the Comprehensive Eye Care Project into three additional provinces of Northern Laos to address key priorities for eye health aimed at the elimination of avoidable blindness by 2020.

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AUD 20,022

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Clean water for ethnic communities, Laos RUN BY: CARE Australia

Lao PDR This project will support some of the poorest and most remote ethnic groups in Phongsaly, Sekong and Sayabouri Provinces in Laos by delivering clean water systems, improved levels of nutrition and health, and generating new income opportunities.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 25,002

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Safe drinking water, Sayaboury RUN BY: Save The Children Australia

Lao PDR This project funds construction of new 53 water wells in 8 villages in Sayaboury District where the old wells were damaged through flooding and now unusable. Also, reparation of the water system and pipe replacement in Namone village.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 17,074

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Establish village goat banks, Saysathan district RUN BY: CARE Australia

Lao PDR Reduce rural poverty by creating sustainable incomes from a 'goat bank'

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AUD 27,002

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Suspension bridge project, Po Nowan Village RUN BY: World Expeditions

Lao PDR Construction of an affordable and effective bridge to improve access to highland farmland & secure food sources, also allowing trekkers to visit the village and create eco-tourism income.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 5,501

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