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Support teacher training and education in Nepal Nepal , RUN BY: Australian Himalayan Foundation | STATUS: COMPLETED

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Project Background

Established in 2005, the Australian Himalayan Foundation’s flagship Teacher Training and Quality Education (TTQE) project is helping to ensure that children living in one of the poorest regions of Nepal have access to inclusive, high quality primary education for improved opportunities now and into the future. 

A range of activities designed to identify and address the needs of the school community are being implemented, including: teacher training; literacy programs; parent volunteer opportunities; facilitating school representatives in planning and milestone setting; support to child-led clubs; and providing materials for classroom and school upgrades.

TTQE focuses on developing schools in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal to become models of excellence (“Namuna” schools) with quality teachers and educational resources which provide safe and supportive learning environments.

Key Project Outcomes 2018/2019

Following an evaluation and project redesign process, 2018/2019 was the first year of a new three-year project phase. The key achievements that year included:

  • 1,553 students (790 girls) at 14 schools accessed improved quality education via TTQE schools
  • 860 children in grades 1-3 were provided with literacy materials
  • 34 children accessed improved nutrition via school meals pilot program
  • 489 very vulnerable children received financial and material assistance to continue schooling
  • 180 students and 60 teachers received orientation in hygiene practices, and new hand-washing facilities were provided at 7 schools

By supporting AHF’s Teacher Training and Quality Education (TTQE) Project, Footprints donors helped create a significant impact on local communities in Nepal. Below are some of the ways your donations were spent.

  • Early grade materials and activities for 736 children (349 female) in 14 schools, and resources procured for 14 additional schools when open again after COVID
  • 8 teachers received library management training
  • 14 Reading Motivators (13 women) were trained and appointed in 14 schools 
  • 12 radio lessons (1 per week) in Nepali literacy delivered up to end of July 2020 
  • 186 disadvantaged students received radios to access remote schooling
  • 74 people (38 male and 36 female including 3 children with disabilities; 2 male and 1 female) oriented in First Aid

Project Objectives 2019/2020

  • For Namura (model) schools to be meeting their milestones
  • Children read and write competently in Nepali by grade 3
  • Children meet/exceed prescribed government competency and benchmark standards in English, Maths and Science at basic level schools.
  • Very disadvantaged children, girls and children with disabilities are supported to attend and continue schooling
  • Gender and social inclusion strengthened in education delivery 

Key Project Outcomes 2018/2019

The delivery of the TTQE program was impacted by COVID-19 but in 2019/2020 Footprints donations, in conjunction with funding from private donors and the Australian government, helped achieve the following significant outcomes:

  • 170 teachers (63 female; 2 people with disability) received accredited subject training in English (57), Maths (56), Science (57)
  • 77 classes in English, Maths, Science (25-26 each subject) were developed and delivered via radio (to end of July 2020)
  • 384 children (243 girls; 24 children with disabilities) received full Going to School support materials and cash support
  • 5 female senior students engaged in higher-level technical training with project support
  • 153 children (69 girls; 3 children with disabilities) accessed school meals in 4 schools
  • 834 people (500 female) from vulnerable households accessed counselling and awareness raising activities on education, child rights and protection

What’s Next?

TTQE is an ongoing project based in Solukhumbu Nepal.

Can I visit this project?

AHF can make special arrangements for supported visits to projects depending on the current priorities and resources of our NGO partner and the schools at the time.

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Over the years, thousands of travellers have visited the Himalaya. For many it is an opportunity to trek beneath the world's highest peaks and to appreciate some of the world's most hospitable cultures. Yet the Himalaya is not just a vast adventure playground. For the local communities it is anything but easy – with access to basic health and education services often out of reach.

Following in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary who was devoted to bringing education to the Sherpa people, the AHF is working in partnership with local communities to help the people of the Himalaya through improvements in health, education and conservation.

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