Footprints micro-donation technology

We specialise in micro-giving. Our technology reports on thousands of tiny donations made in any currency, by anyone, anywhere in the world.

You might normally have a hard time managing the administration and obligations that comes with collecting donations for charities. Our technology brings the process together easily on your behalf.

"If you think you're too small to make a difference, you've never been in bed with a mosquito.

Dame Anita Roddick

The Footprints API

For developers experienced with API's, we have a technical guide on how to integrate micro-donations with eCommerce. We also have plug-ins available for Demandware and Shopify platforms.

Footprints API

How micro-donations work

For customers buying online, Footprints presents them with 1-3 projects that they are invited to donate to. To donate, customers simply have to tick a box which adds their micro-donation to their total transaction cost.

A customer might add $2 to their $100 purchase, meaning that $102 gets debited to their credit card. The merchant collects $102 of which $2 gets reported to Footprints as part of the transaction. The technology documents the donation, enabling financial reconciliation between Footprints and the participating business.

Footprints does not receive any private information about the donor, such as their name or email.

Every month Footprints reconciles all the micro-donations from all the partner businesses and issues a payment statement for all the donations made, so that the business can transfer the funds collected to Footprints.

When a project is fully funded, it is removed from the funding pool so that it can’t be over-funded, and Footprints pays the participating charity partner so they can implement the project.

100% of each donation goes to the project for which it was given. Neither the businesses involved nor Footprints as an organisation remove an administration fee of any kind.

Footprints is independently audited annually to ensure transparency.