About Footprints

Footprints is an Incorporated Association in NSW, Australia (Footprints Fundraising Incorporated No.INC9884228).

Footprints is an organisation dedicated to fundraising through micro-donation technology. We do not implement projects itself but partner with specialist charities and NGO’s.



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The Committee

Footprints is operated by a volunteer Committee who ensure good governance and operational controls.

  • Matthew Bourne, President
  • David Bone, Treasurer
  • David Chalmers, Co-Secretary
  • Amy Tribe, Co-Secretary
  • Anna Gladman, Management Committee
  • David Le, Management Committee
  • Jon Whitby, Management Committee

Audited Financial Statements

Footprints facilitates millions of micro-donations from online businesses to projects run by charities and NGO's. 100% of every donation goes to the project for which it was intended and our operational costs are covered by business partners. As such, in the interests of transparency, we release our audited financial accounts every year.

Financial Report 2013
Financial Report 2012
Financial Report 2011
Financial Report 2010
Financial Report 2009
Financial Report 2008
Financial Report 2007