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Projects in South Africa

Protect endangered pangolins in southern Africa RUN BY: Wildlife Conservation Network

South Africa This project will protect pangolins – the most trafficked animal on earth – from accidental electrocution by designing wildlife-friendly electric fences in southern Africa.

This project is 100% Funded



USD 10,006

Raised from 4,484 people

Kids clean water project, Mpofini village RUN BY: Oxfam Australia

South Africa Get clean water, sanitation and hygiene to the 23,000 people living in Ufafa region, South Africa and prevent deadly diseases like diarrhoea.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,004

Raised from 9,236 people

Community food gardens, KwaZulu-Natal RUN BY: Oxfam Australia

South Africa Creating solutions to hunger, HIV and poverty for people in the rural district of uMkhanyakude in KwaZulu-Natal through community veggie gardens. Quality nutrition can reduce HIV-related illness and AIDS-related deaths, and is vital for breaking the poverty cycle.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 34,184

Raised from 14,963 people

Train 260 community eye health workers, Eastern Cape RUN BY: The Fred Hollows Foundation

South Africa Developing sustainable local capacity to strengthen blindness prevention work in the Eastern Cape of South Africa by training 12 ophthalmic nurses, 30 professional nurses and 210 community health workers

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 39,627

Raised from 13,815 people

Orphan Care, KwaZulu-Natal province RUN BY: Oxfam Australia

South Africa Feeding orphans and other vulnerable people, and providing them with everyday care and sustainable food security.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,011

Raised from 7,503 people