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Project report

Key Teacher Training Program (2009), Himalaya Nepal , RUN BY: Australian Himalayan Foundation | STATUS: COMPLETED

Teachers participating in the teacher training program

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 20,541

Raised from 7,723 people

Project Report

The funding for this project was part of the 1st three year cycle of the AHF Teacher training Quality Education (TTQE) program. The 2nd year of the program cycle included a key teacher training workshop where the most talented teachers were invited to attend an advanced training program that will eventually result in them becoming teacher trainers themselves.  The Key teacher training therefore provides the crucial sustainability component of the TTQE program.
The five day workshop in November/December 2009 was attended by 18 teachers from the Khumbu district (Everest district) of the Solu Khumbu region as well as an additional 18 teachers from the relatively poor and under resourced Sotang district (to the south of Khumbu) where the AHF is now focusing its work.  

The program has trained teachers to ultimately improve the education of more than 21,000 children in 130 schools in the Khumbu and Sotang districts of Nepal.

Teacher Training Workshop objectives

  • Teach skills that Key Teachers can use when they visit schools. Observation skills, demonstration lessons, feedback, mediation, conflict resolution. 
  • Review  community and school management involvement. 
  • Review with the Key teachers the continuous assessment system (CAS), the School Sector Reform Programme (SSRP), Multigrade and Multilevel teaching (MGML) approach.
  • Re-emphasise their commitment to and need to assume a leadership role.   
  • Review the past year experiences & Plan activities for the next year.

Workshop Outcomes 

  • Training attendance 100% 
  • Very positive attitude and motivation of the key teachers
  • The confidence and skills of the key teachers has grown
  • Year program report back.

What is next for this project?

Following the workshop there was an unqualified request from the teachers for the program to continue be part of the 3rd year of the 1st 3 year program cycle. 

In particular Jim Strang the AHF education program coordinator noted 

  • Excellent attitude and commitment shown by participants. 
  • Training team worked well together
  • Positive appraisal of the course made at the end of the training
  • Khumbu key teachers enjoyed mentoring the new key teachers, all worked well together
  • The presence of more female key teachers 
  • The participation of the Resource Teachers from the District Education office.

Is it possible to visit this project?

You can visit many of the schools involved as a member of an AHF support trek, subject to availability and timings by contacting the Australian Himalayan Foundation.