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Improve Education Through Vocational Training in Tanzania Tanzania , RUN BY: Anza | STATUS: COMPLETED

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Project Background

In Tanzania, getting a quality education is out of reach for millions of people. Lacking this education can have an incredible impact on the standard individual's adult life.

Children aren’t coming out of primary school with the skills they need; classrooms are overcrowded, with up to 49 students for every teacher. Most learning is done through rote and it’s widely accepted that this is an ineffectual way to learn. Children in Tanzania even have to pass an exam to complete primary school, which there’s no option to retake, so a failed exam means no chance at secondary education. 

The problems continue even at secondary school; the teaching language switches from Swahili to English, any young person who can’t quickly grasp English gets left behind. Teachers with the right training are hard to come by, and students can go months without subject specialists to teach them, leading to many students failing exams.

Tanzania needs to create 800,000 jobs every year, but youth just don’t have the skills the job market needs. Tanzania’s progress depends on empowering and educating their youth. The country needs innovative teaching methods, inspiring teachers, and affordable options for all levels of education. Access to quality education and vocational training will lift families and communities out of poverty, and lay the path for Tanzania’s development.

Anza wants to solve the national challenge of access to quality education by providing sector-specific business development services to education entrepreneurs so they can grow to the next level and create new job opportunities. 

Project Overview

Through this project, Anza will provide entrepreneurs with training, consulting, and affordable financing to grow their businesses through an 8-month accelerator. Every entrepreneur will receive:

  • Capacity Building/Consulting: tailored 1:1 support and training in key business skills
  • Mentoring: matching with a professional mentor who works in-country for 1-3 months
  • Technical Assistance: support from lawyers, designers, and tax advisors
  • Access to Affordable Capital: opportunity for direct access to flexible, affordable loans

The Education Track will provide a further four additional modules designed to suit the needs of growing education businesses. This may include educational innovations, curriculum development and marketing an education business. The businesses we work with will cover the full education spectrum from pre-primary education to vocational and tertiary training.

Capacity building of Anza staff to deliver the Education Track is the beginning. Through the rest of the year we will market the programme, recruit a Business Development Manager to lead the delivery of the track, and launch the programme to our first 10 Education Entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur will receive 100 hours of training to support them to develop their education business. 

What's Covered in Project Cost

Project activities in year 1:

  • $8400 for development of Energy Track curriculum with expert partner: 4 Modules 
  • $800 for 20 hours of training for Anza Business Development Advisors in delivery of the Education Track 
  • $800 to print materials - training workbooks

Partners and Community Involvement

We aim to work with local entrepreneurs. We believe that local entrepreneurs are the ones who identify the social challenges in Tanzania, and are best suited to create the solutions. 

We’re already working with several education businesses who will be invited to join the Education Track:

DataSky Training College

With over 15 years of experience in vocational education, DataSky Systems Training Center and its team of qualified trainers provide students with skills that will shape their future both as employees and self-employed entrepreneurs. Certified under the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA), DataSky offers a wide range of courses including tourism, which is a key part of the Tanzanian economy. Tanzania is facing a youth unemployment crisis which makes vocational training and skill development programmes such as DataSky crucial to the economic development of communities in Tanzania.

Silverleaf Academy

Silverleaf Academy is a chain of affordable, high quality private schools in Kilimanjaro and beyond, which give children from lower income households a better chance for their future. In three years they will have installed new provisions of affordable, high quality, sustainable primary education with the capacity to serve over 1,000 children from low-income families in and around the Arusha and Kilimanjaro Regions. The business model involves renting premises, deploying the iSchool digital tablet-based curriculum, and charging monthly mobile-money based tuition fees, which create a profit for reinvesting into the chain's expansion. 

Nuru Academy

Nuru Academy is a preschool and lower primary school serving kids from low income earning families in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. The school started its operations in 2015 with just one class and has now outgrown its premises. The school has an excellent ratio of students to teachers, and holds a strong position in the community. Nuru is looking to expand into new premises and invest in new sports equipment and books so it can continue to provide a high quality education to its students. 

Part of a Larger Strategy

Access to vital products and services is a key challenge in Tanzania. Anza believes that by supporting the growth of businesses, we will see development in key social sectors that need to develop in order to serve the needs of the growing population. Anza has identified four key sectors to focus our efforts in; renewable energy, education, health and agriculture. 

We will develop additional Tracks that allow us to support entrepreneurs in these sectors at a deeper level. We’ve already started development of the Energy Track. We see the overlap for these businesses too. For the youth of Tanzania to develop, we need them to access good education, in schools powered by renewable energy. They must have reliable and affordable access to food, and have the safety of a health insurance offering that is there when they need it.

How was this funded?

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Anza enables businesses in Tanzania to grow by providing them with access to personalised and strategic capacity building, affordable capital and relevant networks. They work through building the capacity of individuals through training, providing capital leases to their entrepreneurs and connecting the community with each other and internationally.