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Projects in Tanzania

Improve Education Through Vocational Training in Tanzania RUN BY: Anza

Tanzania This project will support innovative entrepreneurs working in the education sector to bring quality, affordable education to millions of young people who can’t otherwise access an education that will set them up for life.

This project is 100% Funded



USD 10,013

Raised from 4,392 people

Protect Wildlife from Poachers in the Serengeti RUN BY: Frankfurt Zoological Society - US

Tanzania This project will help protect the Serengeti’s wildlife through the provision of training and equipment necessary for the immobilization and release of wildlife found trapped in snares set by bushmeat hunters.

This project is 100% Funded



USD 10,002

Raised from 4,079 people

Train Female Soy Farmers in Tanzania RUN BY: CARE Australia

Tanzania This project will support women farmers in Iringa District, Tanzania to improve their crop yields, learn how to improve their families’ nutrition and increase their income by producing and marketing soy products.

This project is 100% Funded



AUD 25,016

Raised from 8,323 people

Kakoi Secondary School Water Pipeline Project RUN BY: World Expeditions

Tanzania Due to continuing drought in the Masai village of Kakoi, there is a serious shortage of clean water. This project will lay water pipeline to a local school bringing clean water to a communal tap.

This project is 100% Funded



USD 4,219

Raised from 1,849 people