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Provide Teacher Training and Quality Education in Nepal Nepal , RUN BY: Australian Himalayan Foundation | STATUS: COMPLETED

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Project activities

TTQE focuses on training teachers in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal with the goal to ensure that children have better opportunities in life through an inclusive, high quality education.  The program has supported capacity building of over 1700 teachers in 300 schools and enhances the quality of education for around 30,000 school children in Solukhumbu, with an expected far reaching impact on the broader community.

The program also provides education support to marginalized and vulnerable children who for various reasons may not be attending school. In 2016/17, this educational support enabled 550 students to attend school, including children with a disability.

Project outcomes

In 2017/18 the following outcomes were achieved:

  • 20,264 students in 239 schools benefitted from the program.
  • 1,569 teachers benefitted from mentoring and training.
  • 196 schools received support with educational resources.
  • 8 schools received training, materials and mentoring in early grades literacy improvement.

Together with continuing the capacity building of the rural school teachers on improved teaching practice, the project piloted the development of Namuna or model schools. These schools reported increased motivation and accountability of teachers and committees.  Parental engagement is increasing.

An early grades literacy program in Nepali language commenced in 8 schools. Training teachers was supplemented by appropriate learning materials and intensive follow up.  The average learning achievement in Nepali language in the past year increased dramatically by 12.46% in these schools against the district average of 59.24%. Model schools and literacy improvements will be expanded to more schools in the next year.

Project feedback

Ms. Keshari Shrestha is a grade 3 teacher in Nepal.  She received training from the project and said that

“The literacy improvement program is really effective and showing early results. Children are more engaged and enjoying learning. They are also becoming closer to the teachers and confiding their interests and worries as teachers work individually with them.”

Ms Keshari Shrestha, Grade 3 Teacher, Janajagriti Basic school in Solududhkunda, Nepal

What's next?

TTQE is an ongoing project based in Solukhumbu Nepal.

Can I visit the project

AHF can make special arrangements for supported visits to projects depending on the current priorities and resources of our NGO partner and the schools at the time.

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Over the years, thousands of travellers have visited the Himalaya. For many it is an opportunity to trek beneath the world's highest peaks and to appreciate some of the world's most hospitable cultures. Yet the Himalaya is not just a vast adventure playground. For the local communities it is anything but easy – with access to basic health and education services often out of reach.

Following in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary who was devoted to bringing education to the Sherpa people, the AHF is working in partnership with local communities to help the people of the Himalaya through improvements in health, education and conservation.

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