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Charities and NGOs

Unfortunately, Footprints is not currently accepting general applications from new NGOs/charities.

We have made commitments to our current partners and wish to ensure that the relationships remain effective by adequately funding current projects and not spreading grants too thinly.

Help us to help you: we need new business partners

We are desperately seeking to expand the 'other' side of the Network - the one that raises all the money through online businesses and their customers.  If you can help us expand our grant-making capacity by bringing suitable new partners, we will consider your projects.   

If you know of an e-commerce website that would like to support your projects by integrating the Footprints technology, we would be very happy to talk to them. Please send us an email.

Project guidelines

Footprints supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that aim to end poverty and shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. Read our project guidelines section first to see what kinds of projects Footprints will fund, budgets and reporting requirements.

Great online resources for causewired NGO's and charities

Socialbrite is a learning hub & sharing community that brings together top experts in social media, social causes and online philanthropy. Share insights about the tools and best practices that drive the social Web and advance the social good


Our project partners

The following charities and NGOs implement and manage projects that Footprints funds

And many more... Check out our recently completed projects

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