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Project report

Safe home program for girls, Rajbari (2009) Bangladesh , RUN BY: Save The Children Australia | STATUS: COMPLETED

Kids at the Safe Home eating lunch (Photo: Save the Children)

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AUD 28,962

Raised from 9,801 people

Project goal:

To provide one year’s safe accommodation, education assistance and protection from abuse for the girl children of sex workers in the Safe Home for Girls in the Daulatdia area, Rajbari, Bangladesh.


Funding from The Footprints Network has contributed to the following activities:

  • Provision of shelter, food, clothing, counselling to Safe Home residents and the opportunities to explore their talents in activities such as sports, music and dancing;
  • Access to health services and primary and secondary education. Tuition is also available to provide support as required;
  • Vocational education to provide potential alternative livelihoods to sex workers e.g. paramedic training, life skills training to support greater self-esteem and ability to manage their own lives;
  • Establishing a fund with contributions from the mothers of the girls to meet their future needs; and
  • Engagement with the broader local community, including local government agencies being involved in discussions to reduce discrimination and build support for the girls.

Outcomes in the reporting period:

  • 46 girls are living in the Safe Home and have access to food, clothes, medicines, sports materials and education materials;
  • 9 girls took part in music lessons, 22 girls participated in dance lessons, and 23 girls continued receiving private tuition at Safe Home;
  • 46 girls of Safe Home have been attending Arabic classes regularly. 14 Girls were involved in indoor games;
  • 4 girls are studying in college, 18 girls are studying in High School and 23 girls are studying in Primary School. 23 Girls received support through private tuition;  
  • 20 girls completed their first term examination at primary level successfully. Among them, 1 girl finished first of her class, and 2 girls were second in their class;
  • 3 girls received capacity building training as members of Children School Management Committee (CSMC) from KKS Primary School;
  • 18 girls and 2 house tutors received 2 Life Skills training sessions at Safe Home;
  • 1 girl conducted 5 sessions on Life Skills with 20 peer participants at Daulitdia Model High School;
  • 6 girls conducted sessions on Protective Behavior and Corporal Punishment with peer participants of Safe Home.

Highlights during the reporting period:

  • 1 girl took part in a district-level debate competition and came 2nd;
  • 4 girls participated in, and won a dance competition at Upazilla;
  • 8 girls participated in and won a hand ball tournament;
  • 2 girls participated in a district level drama competition and their team won first place;
  • 4 girls have passed School Secondary Certificate (SSC) examination with top grades - 3 of them have been accepted into a local college. The college authority waived their admission and monthly tuition fees;
  • 3 Girls (who passed SSC) were awarded with prizes by Safe Home. Upazila Nirbahi Officer, 45 girls of Safe Home, 25 mothers of the girls, and 40 local elites participated in this event;
  • After SSC examination, 3 girls had the opportunity to observe and participate at the KKS Primary School for 3 months as student teachers.

Case study:

In the last report, we introduced you to 9 year-old Ritu who lives at the Safe Home with her older sister. (You can read the report here)

Ritu continues to attend the KKS Primary School and particularly loves to read “I love reading, especially rhymes and poetry. When all the girls in the Safe Home study together in the evening, we have real fun. We have a competition which helps me finish my homework quickly”

Ritu also participates in other activities, having recently taken part in cultural activities as part of the UN’s International Mother Tongue Day, which is a celebration of Bangladesh’s culture and the Bengali language.

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