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Medicines for Orphanages, Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan , RUN BY: The Silk Route Project | STATUS: COMPLETED

Kids sleeping on the orphanage cots. Photo by: Dr Simon Davis

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Dr Craig James and Dr Simon Davis supplied this report of their visits to the Kyrgyzstan orphanages on behalf of Footprints Fundraising.

The three facilities visited were Tomkok, Kant and Christain Orphanages. In general the children were well nourished (vegetables are cheap) but their social histories are shocking. There is a lot of poverty, alcoholism and abuse. The facilities were old, over-crowded and not the cleanest, hence we used a portion of the funds to purchase non-medical supplies that were lacking. This is not a reflection on the staff though - they were dedicated to the children despite being paid less than US$1 a day.


Houses 95 children (birth - 4 years), the majority of which are Special Needs with conditions ranging from Cerebal Palsy to Harelips. The government supplies it with basic antibiotics, paracetamol etc but doesn't provide any other of the medicines needed for such children. Feeding Special Needs children can be difficult if staffing is tight and some of the children were malnourished.

The following medical supplies were purchased:
- Iron syrup supplement
- Ear drops
- Anti-histamine
- Anti-convulsives
- Digestives
- Catheters (for gastro feeding)

Non-medical supplies purchased:
- A bolt of sheet material (Most of the sheets were old and some cots didn't have any)
- Baby soap
- Baby powder
- Baby lotion
- Domestos cleaner

They were particularly taken by the domestos! This is a facility for nearly one hundred children but they can't afford cleaning agents to clean the rooms.


Houses 30 children, 2-7 years. They were in real need of basic medicines for the children. For serious illnesses they could consult a government hospital. Unfortunately they were using the same sheets, pillow cases and blankets as when they opened 17 years ago, despite most being stained, worn or torn. We were really excited to get them 45 sheet packs - the manager almost cried when she saw these.

The following medicines were supplied-
- Iodine solution
- Cough syrup
- Amoxicillin
- Antihistamine
- Paracetamol
- Bandages 4inch
- Bandages 7inch

Non-medical supplies purchased:
- Sheet Packs
- Pencils
- Exercise books
- Small towels


This was a small orphanage funded entirely by a local church housing 14 children (4-14yrs). They were well cared for at the orphanage and were lucky to have escaped some pretty terrible upbringings. The worst thing was that they all had black rotten teeth. Staff assured me that they brushed regulary and this was due to their life before coming to the orphanage. Just in case we bought them 48 toothbrushes!

The following medicines were supplied:
- Iodine solution
- Cough syrup
- Amoxicillin
- Antihistamine
- Paracetamol
- Bandages 4inch
- Bandages 7inch

Non-medical supplies purchased -
- Toothbrushes
- Pencils
- Exercise books

UNICEF Bishkek were a fantastic help and they are keen to be involved in future projects with Footprints. We worked closely with Saltanat Rasulova, one of their project officers, who arranged translators and transport between sites.”


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The Silk Route Project

Craig and Simon are travelling overland from India to Istanbul along the Silk Route. On behalf of Footprints, they will be visiting of a number of projects along the route to deliver supplies of essential medicines to impoverished children.