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Sea Turtles and Plastic Projects Costa Rica , RUN BY: SEE Turtles | STATUS: IN PROGRESS

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SEE Turtles helps the sea turtle community connect, grow, and thrive by supporting community-based conservation efforts. This project supports our Sea Turtles and Plastic campaign which is designed to get plastic waste out of sea turtle habitats around the world, by supporting four (4) local programs in Costa Rica.

The funds raised from this project will be disbursed equally between the following 4 projects:

Osa Conservation:

The Osa Conservation Sea Turtle program monitors and protects two important nesting beaches stretching 6.5 km in the Southern Pacific of Costa Rica. The organization conducts regular beach cleanups on these beaches and works with the local community to find uses for this waste. To date, they have provided 10 light guardians made from recycled plastic to hotels on the Osa Peninsula to reduce light pollution on these beaches (which can impact nesting) and donate materials to a women’s group to make recycled jewelry products for sale.

This project will fund, a Precious Plastic machine which will greatly increase the amount of plastic they can process, which includes a shredder, extruder, and molds to create new products.

 Tortugas de Osa:

We are working on the next step in the development of our plastic recycling project, which will enable us to provide a salary for a local employee, to expand our recycling center, and to host an educational workshop to familiarize the community with plastics and their threats to sea turtles and ecosystem health. Overall, our goal is to develop a community recycling center, where we can remunerate material drop-offs from local people and hire more employees to manage and process plastic waste.

This project will fund the cost of two local employees to manage the recycling center, hold 3 educational workshops for local communities, and purchase a sheet making machine that will allow the organization to create useful items to sell including chairs, table tops, and other durable products.

 Wildlife Conservation Association:

Local recycling pick-up is carried out by Nosara Recycles, a community-based initiative funded by small private donations. The organization currently employs two local people and is struggling to keep afloat. The Seventh Wave is another organization that is making and selling art and pottery items using concrete and recycled beach plastic. By collaborating with these and other existing initiatives, we will create new sources of income for organizations, supporting their long-term operation and the creation of more jobs. By giving a percentage of sales to the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, we will further support sea turtle conservation by providing additional resources to carry out and enforce conservation in the area.

This project will fund the purchase of a plastic shredder and extruder, which will allow the organization to recycle products on site instead of sending them to the city at high costs to the organization. These machines will be used to create new products that will be sold to support the organization’s turtle conservation programs.

 Centro de Rescate de Especies Marinas Amenazadas (CREMA):

Since 2019 CREMA has had a collaboration with a community initiative led by Aníbal Cortés García, a community leader that is responsible for collecting, classifying, and sending waste to collection centers from 14 coastal communities. In this way we have managed to carry out more than 100 beach cleanups, collecting and transporting to collection centers more than 7 tons of waste.

This project will fund organized beach cleanups with 20 volunteers each, collecting an estimated 1,000 kilos of plastic waste and transporting it to be recycled. Funds will cover volunteer costs including transportation and two meals during the cleanup day, along with equipment, transport rental, and fuel.

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SEE Turtles

Going beyond the ecotourism mantra of "leave only footprints", SEE Turtles suggests that tourists should make a positive impact through conservation tourism. Conservation tourism supports communities protecting sea turtles by increasing the income needed for local conservation efforts, providing economic alternatives to end their threats and inspiring travelers to take a more active role in their protection.

SEE Turtles is a conservation tourism project that links people with turtle sites in ways that directly support protection efforts, while increasing resources in communities to help residents thrive and value sea turtles in their environment.