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Project details

Provide safe sanitation in Bangladesh Bangladesh , RUN BY: Oxfam Australia | STATUS: COMPLETED

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AUD 20,180

Raised from 6,054 people

Project background

Bangladesh’s urban population of 42 million is one of the largest in the world. Cities like Dhaka, and Mymensingh are experiencing exceptional urban growth rates, coupled with rising inequality and poverty. Both cities struggle with inadequate infrastructure, limited social services, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), waste management and rapid environmental degradation. Many people in urban Bangladesh do not have access to safe toilet facilities, particularly women and persons with disabilities. This often leads to poor health outcomes for these people. 

This project will build on successes achieved last year trialling a new model for resilient urban WASH, including the construction of a new toilet facility with inclusive features for women and persons with disabilities. 

Project overview

In collaboration with local partners, Oxfam intends to:

  • Build one community-led, public urban toilet facility with inclusive features for pregnant and lactating women, and persons with disabilities. This will service about 200 people each day.
  • Upgrade and repair other community toilets.
  • Engage in community consultation and training on safely managed sanitation.

As a result of this work, hundreds of people will be able to access safe and inclusive WASH facilities in Mymensingh. Which will improve the health and wellbeing of the community.

What's covered in project cost

The $20,179 raised by the Footprints Network will go towards:

  • $16,746 for construction of a new inclusive toilet block in Mymensingh Bangladesh.
  • $670 for upgrades, repairs and renovation of other Mymensingh community toilets.
  • $2,763 for community consultation and training about safe sanitation and hygiene.

Partners and community involvement

Oxfam will be working in partnership with local government and NGO Forum for Public Heath on this project.

Part of a larger strategy

Urban Resilience project and aims to strengthen the resilience of marginalized communities in urban areas of Bangladesh through improved access to water, sanitation and hygiene, disaster preparedness and response; livelihoods; and empowering women for decent work.

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