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Project report

Early Childhood Care for Floating Villages in Cambodia Cambodia , RUN BY: Save The Children Australia | STATUS: COMPLETED

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Project Background

While Cambodia has made remarkable progress in expanding access and improving the quality of its basic education, fundamental gaps in provision remain, particularly in early childhood care and education.  

Currently, 77.1% of Cambodian children aged 3 to 4 do not have access to early childhood education due to a lack of preschool facilities. If unaddressed, this can have far-reaching consequences: children who lack access to early childhood education services, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, will face lower school readiness, leading to lower student achievement, increased probability of dropout, and a decline in overall educational quality. 

In the more than 137 villages along the Tonle Sap River and Tonle Sap Lake in Kampong Chhnang and Pursat provinces, there is a high incidence of poor quality education services, high malnutrition rates, and low access to and poor quality of health services, water and sanitation.

Project Activities & Outcomes

With the funds from Footprints the Early Childhood Care for Floating Villages Save the Children were able to:

  • Recruit 34 Early Childhood Care Development (ECCD) teachers who were trained to deliver education programs.
  • Deliver education programs to 1,200 children, 600 of which were female, while the floating and onshore classrooms were being designed and built. This meant that children who previously had no access to education could now learn.
  • Teach a fortnightly reading and writing class in 77 villages to 3,713 parents and caregivers, teaching them the importance of continuation of education and reading at home. This meant that parents and caregivers were equipped with skills to help their children with homework and reading.
  • Conduct Workshops in partnership with the Agriculture and Health Office of Cambodia, with 549 families from some the poorest and most remote villages facing food shortages. These workshops helped the families to improve their home gardening and cooking practices.

What Next?

Construction of the onshore and floating village classrooms will be finalised early 2018.  The working designs for these buildings are below:

Onshore Classroom

Offshore Classroom

Community support is growing with the success of the at home and community based education programs we are running so far. This support will ensure that once the construction is finished lessons can begin immediately in the classrooms with a high number of students.

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