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An introduction to The Footprints Network, why it works and it's benefits as a CSR vehicle for your company.
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Why your company should get involved?

Online customers are smart and they care about the ethics and values of the companies from which they purchase. Here's how your business benefits from integrating the footprints API:

A ready made CSR program

The footprints API provides any company doing e-commerce with a ready-made CSR vehicle. It is particularly suited to SME's who don't have one and think they can't afford one as it is free and easy to add. It gives your customers something worthwhile to be involved with ... easily.

Build business relationships

Because you have aligned your brand with an alliance of companies that share similar ethics, the door is already open if you want to connect to other partners in the network to discuss other business opportunities.

Improve your bottom line

Having an integrated CSR program allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, present your brand as responsible and create a tipping point for customers when given a choice. By enabling you to maintain a dialogue with your customer long after the original sale you can increase the lifetime value of your customer.

Positively position your brand and foster word of mouth

We think online customers are pretty switched on and are very smart. But do they care about business ethics and your company's values? We think they do. By communicating to them what your company stands for you are more likely to generate positive word-of-mouth.

Connects with your customers

Footprints is able to establish a direct & meaningful connection between the customer, your business and the project they have chosen to donate to. We know customers get involved, particularly when the project displayed is relevant to the product or service being paid for.

Improve employee attraction, retention and motivation

Consider how much your business spends on HR and recruitment. Footprints projects give your staff something to be engaged with and proud of. It unquestionably makes attracting top quality staff easier and lowers staff turnover.

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Business Case Study: WorldNomads.com

"It's important to give back to the communities in which we travel", says WorldNomads.com Managing Director, Simon Monk. Obviously this ethos struck a chord with WorldNomad's customers as an astonishing 80% of them donate to a Footprints project when they purchase a World Nomad's travel insurance policy. "We were simply amazed at the response."

"Footprints has become a key part of our customer engagement strategy and gives us positive stories to talk about"

Download and read the  World Nomad's case study (500kb PDF)

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The Network

The following e-commerce companies form the Footprints Network, allowing you to make a difference when you shop with them:

The Footprints API

Footprints API Integration overview
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