2,008,729 people have helped raise more than $5,689,815 for 269 projects

Financial facts & audit reports

100% distribution

100% of funds raised through the online fundraising system are distributed to projects run by charities, NGOs and grassroots organisations.

All donated money is held in trust in Footprints' account until it's distributed to the charitable project partners.

All administrative costs for running Footprints are covered by founding member, the World Nomads Group (worldnomads.com and tid.com.au brands) who provide web technology services, hardware and staff wages. 

A Not-for-profit organisation

Footprints Fundraising Inc (NSW) #9884228 is a registered not-for-profit Association Incorporated in NSW, Australia. It is managed by committee members from a range of disciplines who ensure that there is adequate transparency on processes, decision making and that all funds are disbursed and reported on accurately.

We are required to lodge our AGM minutes and yearly financial reports with the Dept of Fair Trading NSW to maintain our Incorporated Association status.

Financial Accounts audit

Footprints runs on the Australian financial year, ending on 30 June.  Our accounts are kindly audited yearly by Price Waterhouse Coopers as a pro-bono service.  We are incredibly grateful for this contribution to keep Footprints running smoothly and transparently.

You can download our audited accounts here:

2015/16 Financial and auditors report (combined) - PDF

2014/15 Financial and auditors report (combined) PDF

2013/14 Financial and auditors report (combined) PDF

2012/13 Financial and auditors report (combined) PDF

2011/12 Financial and auditors report (combined) PDF

2010/2011 Financial and auditors report (combined) PDF

2009/2010 Financial and auditors report (combined) PDF