1,406,218 people have helped raise more than $3,625,961 for 182 projects

About Us

The Footprints Network is an alliance of online e-commerce companies making a difference with a solution that supports sustainable poverty alleviation community programs.

The Footprints technology is the glue between individual donors and projects operated by charities and NGOs.

As an entity ,The Footprints Network is actually a not for profit association called Footprints Fundraising Inc (Association Number #INC9884228), incorporated in NSW Australia.

Our philosophy

With two billion of the world’s population living on less than $2 a day, alleviating crushing poverty and the health, social and environmental ills that accompany it, is everyone's moral responsibility. Yet the extent of world poverty can seem so overwhelming that many of us are left feeling helpless; that the problems are just too big for any one person to make a difference.

A commitment to overcome this feeling of powerlessness is exactly what motivated the team at World Nomads to found The Footprints Network, which is our contribution.

Our vision

Making a tangible difference to the lives of the people living in impoverished communities


  1. Using our expertise in technology and e-commerce to facilitate people's desire to make a difference and provide clear visibility to their participation
  2. Ensuring that donations are distributed only to partners who uphold the highest standards of integrity, accountability and transparency.
TEDx Phnom Penh - From Little things Big Things Grow

TEDx Phnom Penh - From Little things Big Things Grow: Chris Noble, GM of WorldNomads talks about how engaging your customers can change the world (video 14:22)

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Footprints video

How the Footprints Network was started: An interview with Christy McCarthy, Co-Founder (video 1:26)

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Positive Footprints video series

Positive Footprints Documentaries
The story behind our award winning travel philanthropy series + videos of the first 6 episodes

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Positive Footprints channel on YouTube Our Positive Footprints YouTube channel is a collection of videos about us, how we work and various projects we have supported.

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