1,391,803 people have helped raise more than $3,586,288 for 181 projects

Our committee

As a not-for-profit Incorporated Association, Footprints is managed by committee members from a range of disciplines who ensure that there is adequate transparency and that all funds are disbursed and reported on accurately.

Unlike most other not-for-profit organisations, Footprints takes zero (yes $0.00) for administration, salaries or any other form of cost so that 100% of every single cent raised goes to the projects for which it has been promised.

The committee

  • are technology, business and philanthropy people
  • have a wide spectrum of values, opinions and lifestyles
  • are people who care about the world in which they live
  • want to make a difference

The committee members are:

  • Simon Monk, Founder and Executive Director
  • Christy McCarthy, Secretary and Partnerships Director
  • Aine Leonard, Treasurer
  • Christopher Noble
  • Matt Bourne
  • Brendan Forster

With a little help from our friends

Footprints is grateful to receive professional support to help manage the organisation.

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